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The Emotional Spectrum- Not for the Faint of Heart!!

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Let’s talk about Green Lantern. 

Where do I even start? Since reading the new run of Green Lantern by Geoff Johns, I’ve begun noticing some pretty major parallels between the Lantern Corps and the nature of chakras. Firstly, it can’t be escaped that there are seven of each, with correlating colors and emotions. As seen in the diagram, the bottom chakras are related to the body. This means all things superficial, since it’s excluding the mind as well as the emotions. The bottom chakras are what keep us “grounded,” though overindulgence in material goods or a spiritless life can lead to heavy lower chakras, and empty higher ones. This causes a range of anything from digestive problems to literal weight gain, since we are “weighing ourselves down” with either too much external stuff, or, quite literally, “past shit.” Within the world of the Lantern corps, we find these colors: 

  • RED- Anger
  • ORANGE- Greed 
  • YELLOW- Fear

The higher up the “emotional spectrum” one goes, the softer the emotions become. Anger is something brought upon by pure selfishness- and this isn’t always a bad tool to have. There is, after all, a purpose for all emotions. However, there is no getting around the fact that anger only occurs when thoughts become focused on self-pain. Suddenly, everyone is your enemy- you and you alone have been wronged, and nothing can sway you from this idea. There is no sympathy or consideration for possible positions of others, only the knowledge that something bad happened, it happened to you, and it wasn’t your fault, unless of course it is pure anger towards the self. In this case, the rest of the worlds benefits are being intentionally locked out.

The second chakra is located where the lower abdomen is. This is where people discover a number of internal issues, sprouting from emotional imbalance. We overcome our discomfort in life by immediate solvents, such as consumption of mood-altering substances, or through compulsive actions. Purchasing things, over eating, or any means of consuming. Each Lantern Corps really represent one chakra in their most extreme nature. Moving higher, we begin to find softer colors, representing the emotional and spiritual angles of ourselves. As the Lantern Corps have described them, they correlate as follows: 

  • GREEN- Willpower
  • BLUE- Hope
  • INDIGO- Compassion
  • VIOLET- Love

The Green Lanterns are said to be at the Center of the Emotional Spectrum, keeping things in balance. This is also true of the Heart Chakra, located literally in the middle of the rest, combining the colors of Hope and Fear. When the element of fear is used correctly, it becomes a tool to use and to learn from. When in danger we sense fear, but when combined with hope, we can crack the emotional ice that makes us freeze in place. This is indeed how the heart should function- open, and willing to receive, yet strong enough to protect us from negative energies. Above green, we find the Blue chakra, located in the throat. This is the space of speech. Many people who talk compulsively to overcome social anxiety have issues in this area of their body. This is due to an emotional blockage. There are also those who speak out in aggression who face similar dilemmas. Some people experience a blockage by not speaking at all, and afraid of judgement, they cower, unable to move their emotional energy past this chakra to higher points. Of course there are those who are silent because they have no need to make much sound. Most of the time, these people have a great sense of warmth about them, and the silence doesn’t come from a place of insecurity, but more personal comfort. This is because they have surpassed this point, moving up the spectrum into more cosmically established places. Speech is important, because what you say and the way you respond to things effects all things around you, as well as the self. Positive affirmations are full of light energy, which is why Hope would be located here. Having those who speak out words of comfort benefit those who are willing to listen. Both actions require a sense of self-comfort…comfortable enough to be quiet, and comfortable enough to speak truth. As blue becomes more vibrant, it transforms into a denser hue: indigo. The “Indigo children” are a phenomenon of this generation, as new souls are birthed with heightened awareness, apparent from a very young age. This chakra, located in the forehead, allows people to sense the problems of others and easily empathize with the energies around them. However, without the ignition of the highest and final chakra located on the crown of the head, this can be quite a mixed gift. Some people who are filled with Indigo energy can become overly emotional, burdened by the pain felt by others, or overwhelmed with joy, causing the body to be unknowingly overstressed. These people can sometimes be categorized by society as bi-polar, medicated for something that only needs a slight push upwards to be realized. That push brings us to the crown chakra, brightly glowing violent-white. The Violent Lantern corps’ power is Love- and this truly is what the top chakra is. Pure, unfiltered love. Nothing is wrong, because all things are seen as perfect, and love is felt for all things and all beings. This is possible because compassion is present, the powers of hope and strength are alit, and the activation of the lower chakras, balanced by the power of the higher ones, keep the person grounded. When firing up all chakras at once, we are made complete. This is why, in the world of the Lanterns, all seven Corps must act together in order to battle their enemies. These foes are much more expanded ideas than the ordinary comic-book villains, symbolized often by physical manifestations, yet not stopping at the skin. The real powers to defeat are much bigger than any one individual, who are usually being overtaken by a specific dark force, such as anti-life. It is unspecific, yet these are forces that are easily identifiable. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, an Indigo Lantern could cause damage to a negative energetic force, as could any of the Lantern Corps- but only together can they find victory. This is the essence of life. By becoming a whole individual, we may then discover the way to walk through darkness unaffected, releasing a positive by-product called “collective consciousness.” Being in touch with your higher self, you unconsciously encourage others to do the same, and help the process along. This is why someone like Superman is so powerful. He can almost be regarded as an enlightened being, effecting those around him, and even strangely making the reader feel like being a bit of a better them. He stands for balance, humility, strength, kindness, sexuality, and power. Hmmm…this could get detailed. Let’s save the rest of this for the next topic…Superman


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